Patrick Samuel

Patrick Samuel is an exhibiting artist, musician, writer and public speaker diagnosed with autism and ADHD. Having returned to art after a 20-year break, he picked up painting and drawing again when he started his daily art therapy in December 2016. A time of prolific work as well as recognition followed, and Patrick has embraced his neurodiversity as a gift rather than seeing it as a disability; he’s found his voice and his calling.

Patrick has produced an extensive portfolio in a wide range of styles and media. He is stimulated by bold, contrasting colours, intricate details, multiple textures, and varying shades of light and dark. Patrick is working primarily with pastels, acrylics and graphite pencils, but he also enjoys experimenting with water colours, glass and oil paints.

Patrick’s had several solo exhibitions, released three studio albums, an EP, more than a few music videos and two short films. He’s written extensively on one of his other passions — film.

His work and his story have been recognised in local media, and meanwhile featured in magazines as well as on BBC Breakfast and BBC News online. As a spokesperson for autism awareness, Patrick has been sharing his insights at various events and conferences in the UK.

• • •

“Inspirational to say the least… Heart of gold and it shows in many ways… His artwork is filled with passion and commitment… Wonderful.” ~ Dave Coyle

“Beauty, insight and imagination meet in the work of Patrick Samuel.” ~ Francis Hanley

“Patrick is a genius! An inspiring artist with boundless creativity!” ~ Peter Turner