Auras (Solo Exhibition)

Auras Exhibition

“Colour and sound, as well as their interference, have always affected my life more than anything else. As a person on the autistic spectrum and living with synesthesia, I experience visual and sonic auras in everything I do, see and hear. It’s all around me; colour is sound and sound is colour. This exhibition, my third solo since starting my journey in art just over a year ago, celebrates those spectrums of autism, sound and colour – a world that might be more familiar to you than you think…”

All originals are for sale at the exhibition; 10% of proceeds goes to the National Autistic Society.

Patrick’s organising regular viewing groups to meet up and see the paintings. If you’d like to join him, get in touch here.

The exhibition runs 12 January — 30 March 2018
Palmers Green Community Art Gallery
@ Anthony Webb Estate Agents
348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, London N13 5TJ