Distant Star – Waveforms

Distant Star – Waveforms is a visual companion to Patrick Samuel’s 2nd solo album, Distant Star, which was released by Tiergarten Records on 16 August 2019.

As an artist with synesthesia, a condition in which one sense is simultaneously perceived as if by other senses as well, Patrick experiences sounds as colour bursts and patterns, and vice versa.

This is something Patrick has been keen to explore as focal point for an exhibition. In his own words:

“A waveform is a graph that displays the amplitude or level of a sound. It’s the visual representation of something we hear. For me, that’s my synesthesia and I can use it to show how my music correlates with my art. The idea for this exhibition came when I was one day fascinated by the way the buildings and structures on the horizon in Folkestone were being mirrored by the wet beaches of the coastal town. I was struck by how much this reminded me of the waveforms I spent a lot of time gazing at when producing my album. I recorded portions of the lyrics separately to create waveforms and then translated them into abstract landscapes that would also tell something about the songs whilst representing the words from them.”

With Distant Star – Waveforms Patrick explores abstract forms more freely; it’s a step away from what visitors to his exhibitions might have seen before. Abandoning the “rules” of what things should look like, Patrick lets the amplitude and level of each sound he’s working with guide his use of colour, tones and shapes. In a way, this new collection of oil pastel paintings shows what the world he experiences with his autism sounds like.

The exhibition runs 23 August — 28 September 2019
Launch night & release party: 23 August 2019, from 7pm
Approx 3mins walk from Palmers Green rail station (Great Northern)