Crocus Sativus

Crocus Sativus by Patrick Samuel
Oil pastels and acrylics on off-white paper
23x30xm approx
Original available
[Click image for full-size view]

It’s important to stop and look at the flowers whenever you can. Take a moment to appreciate nature; from the tiny blades of grass to the towering trees on the horizon and the flock of birds circling them before nesting.

But there’s something very special with flowers; the bursting of colours and the gentle scent they exude.

This crocus isn’t an exact replication. After all, the point of art shouldn’t be to replicate life but to reflect on it. This one reflects on what I’d imagine one to look like somewhere other than Earth, and for that reason it’s also featured on the back cover of my album Beyond The Spectrum, a collection of self-composed songs that reflect on what it’s like being on the spectrum, and beyond it.