The Age of Horus

The Age Of Horus by Patrick Samuel
Oil pastels on off-white paper
23x30xm approx
Original available
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Ancient Egypt has long fascinated me, and it’s no secret to anyone who knows me what my beliefs about what the ancient pyramids really are. But Horus is something altogether different. The God of the Sky with the head of a hawk was known as the protector of the ruler of Egypt and was believed to be the son of Isis and Osiris. His legend further states that after Osiris was murdered by his brother Seth, Horus fought with Seth for the throne of Egypt. During this battle, Horus lost one of his eyes. The eye was restored to him and it became a symbol of protection for the ancient Egyptians.

This oil pastel rendering of him is bursting with bright contrasting colours and a textured background. The fine details of his chest plate is clearly visible, shimmering almost in a gold effect created by combining various yellows and browns together with a hint of white and orange.