Perfect Strangers (Single)

Perfect Strangers (Single) by Patrick Samuel

Hot on the heels of his first single release, Witchcraft, earlier this year, Patrick Samuel follows it up with the Tiergarten Records release of Perfect Strangers, a sombre bass-driven ballad that’s been hailed as one of the highlights from his imminent second album Distant Star. Switching gears effortlessly after such a joyous mid-tempo song, the artist/musician explains:

“Perfect Strangers started with me on my Benson bass one evening, and that’s how that heavy bassline was born; by experimenting and just loving that lower E string so much. From there, the lyrics started coming to me. First it was the title and then the story that unfolds as the song progresses about the breakdown of a relationship, but it’s more of a spiritual relationship than anything else. It’s about something that used to give you refuge and offer solace and how lately that seems to have broken down.”

Unlike the Witchcraft video which features a lot of dancing, Perfect Strangers finds its focus along the shoreline in Folkestone, the place that first inspired the album, as well as Alexandra Palace and St. Andrews Church in North London. It highlights the search for spiritual guidance and the longing to communicate with what’s around us.