Beyond The Spectrum

Beyond The Spectrum by Patrick Samuel
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“There are many truths of which the full meaning cannot be realized until personal experience has brought it home.”
~ John Stuart Mill

I’ve always created music. For as long as I created art, I’ve made music in one form or another. Beyond The Spectrum is something quite different from what I’ve ever accomplished before though. Composed at a time when I was finally beginning to accept my differences and recognise the gifts my Asperger’s and co-morbid conditions have bestowed upon me, it features 19 songs that reflect on, not just what it’s like being on the autistic spectrum, but beyond it.

There’s another story delicately interwoven. It starts with the first track, Arrival, and proceeds to explore sonically what it’s like to be an alien on my home planet. It’s a personal journey I’d like to share with listeners; the moments of beauty, wonder, isolation, hyper-focus, tension, elation and finally acceptance. The album draws to a close with the somber piece I Miss The Flowers Back On Earth and plays with the idea that there’s something we’re supposed to do with our time here and we shouldn’t waste that. I’m right where I’m supposed to be in this moment in time.

Each song is connected to the next, there are no gaps on the CD, but they can also be listened to as individual tracks. As a producer and composer, I prefer to connect stories together. As an artist I do that the same. As a sentient neuro-diverse being, of course I see the connectivity in everything around me and recognise patterns, sequences and codes and see the power of Phi in all that’s present. So, how could I not connect it all?

Genre-wise, Beyond The Spectrum doesn’t fit anything I see out there. If it has to be labelled as something, I’d call it Modern Classical, Classical Electronic or Symphonic Sonic-Scapes. Music for the neuro-diverse listener. Textured, layered, intricate. Connected.