Colours Within (Exhibition)

Colours Within Exhibition

COLOURS WITHIN is Patrick’s 4th solo exhibition. As a person with Asperger Syndrome and living with synesthesia, his new paintings express how he perceives a world in which, for him, sensory overload is as common as experiencing everyday life as an influx of colours, shapes and patterns. In his own words:

“From light to dark, from the colours I see to the ones I don’t, there’s so much around me at any given moment. I’m always caught in the middle, tethered between worlds, between the real and the unreal. Through my art, I’m trying to bring the spectrums in my mind into this world, to show a glimpse of the worlds I experience, even in fleeting moments.”

Patrick is organising regular viewing groups to meet up and see the paintings. If you’d like to join him, or for a personal tour, please get in touch here.

The exhibition runs 25 January — 5 April 2018
Launch event: Thursday, January 25th 2018, 5pm-7pm
King’s College London, MRC SGDP Centre (Directions)
16 De Crespigny Park, Denmark Hill, London SE5 8AF
(Open Monday–Friday from 9am–5pm)