Before Everything

Before Everything by Patrick Samuel
Oil pastels on off-white paper
9x17xm approx
Original available
[Click image for full-size view]

Some of the commonly associated side effects of my medication includes dizziness, drowsiness, insomnia, nausea, headaches and restlessness. Days and nights of feeling this way and the only thing that takes the edge of is art.

This painting summarizes the desire at the time to return to a point before I felt this way. Before life got complicated, before the demands of trying to be a trainee teacher in an environment that did not actually support neuro-diversity, before I tried to commit suicide (again), before I couldn’t leave the house unaccompanied, before I lost the will to live, to dream and the ability to look beyond what was happening to me, and envision a time when all this would pass and I would be ok… To see into the future, a point where I could control my Asperger’s by learning coping mechanisms and getting the right kind of support.