Witchcraft (Single)

Witchcraft (Single) release by Patrick Samuel

May 17th, 2019 marked the release of Patrick’s 1st single, Witchcraft, taken from the forthcoming 13-track album, Distant Star.

Now signed to Tiergarten Records, a record label set up in 2016 by autistic musician Robin Jax to support neurodivergent creatives, Patrick’s self-penned mid-tempo ballad is a joyous ode to the magical feeling of falling in love and features the artist for the first time on vocals, acoustic, electric and bass guitar. In his own words:

“Everything in the world that makes me feel happy, I’ve poured into Witchcraft. The song came to me like magic one evening; the words, melody and even the story for the video. This was the song that got me singing for the first time and it’s the reason I now have three guitars in my living room. I had to give it everything I had, and I hope when people hear it, they’ll feel that magic too.”

Witchcraft will be available on streaming platforms with the video being released shortly, having already been premiered at Patrick’s 7th solo exhibition, Spellbound in early April.

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